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Royal Express – Electric Drive

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Royal Ranger Trackless Fire Truck

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Renting Trackless Trains is a Great Business Opportunity

The Trackless Train Ride business has been growing to record highs over the last few years. Trains are forever timeless machines and children are drawn to them automatically. Children and adults alike are instantly attracted to the Royal Express and the best part, mom and dad can ride too! The Royal Express has been in continues production for over 25 years and is a time tested proven money maker at Street Fairs, Flea Markets, School Fairs, Carnivals, Town Celebrations, Birthday Parties, and much more. This mainly all cash business allows you to be your own boss and the flexibility to work at your own pace. The Royal Express is a safe and easy machine to operate and can be set up easily by one person in 15 minutes.

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What Makes Us America’s Top Selling Trackless Train Manufacturer?

For over 25 years the Royal Express trackless train continues to be Americas top selling trackless train in its class. The Royal Express is a proven time tested profit center. The Royal Express is the original trackless train to the special event industry. Our research shows that 9 out of 10 special event operators own a Royal Express. Learn more about our trackless trains…